Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday drivers


Actually it wasn't a Sunday.  By the way- what is the origin of the 'Sunday driver' equals 'an accident looking for a place to happen driver'?  Is it something to do with Sunday drivers being sightseers and therefore not focused on the road and traffic?  But back to my story-
Actually the pictures are the story.  Mummy McT took the photos and I made them into a collage (with a little help from Picasa3).  Get a load of that lawn.  That's how everything looked after weeks of good (a bit too good at times) rain.  Well maybe not EVERY thing, but everything green and growing took on an almost surreal brilliance. I have never seen so much of the countryside looking quite that fluorescent shade of green before.  We get so used to grass looking a sort of washed out light tan colour and eucalyptus and wattle trees tend to cope with the severe sun by having grayish foliage, that the greenness of the grass looks positively unnatural.  But back to my story-

Mummy McT and Chimera took all of the children to the park directly over the road for them to have a play with their trikes and scooters and for Cheetah to practise on his new (at Christmas) RipStik.  Poor Cheetah. It was much harder than he was expecting and it seemed that he really did have two left feet.  I'm sure practise will get him there in the end.

As for his younger cousins, Dragon and Lion, they have about 12 and 14 years to go before they can get their driver's licences.  Let's hope their concentration and coordination improves by then.

In case you are wondering, there were plenty of wheels to go around and Little Bear and baby Monkey were there too.

Monkey's wheels were on his stroller of course.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Minding grandchildren 101

I have been a very bad blogger. Long ago I decided that I would use pictures to tell the story, with minimal waffle from me. What should I do when I haven't had time to get out and about with my camera? [Although my camera is quite often out and about without me. Stay posted to to see what my camera has been up to lately.]
Finally I decided to browse my photo folders for inspiration.

Lesson 1: Look silly for them.

Little Bear is usually very easily entertained. Like most little girls, she is happy as long as she has someone to push around play with. I am convinced that as long as children can find an adult who is willing to embarrass or make a fool of themselves for them they will be content. Just watch the faces people pull when talking to babies, to say nothing of the gobbledygook they speak. You get the picture?

Sorry Mr Sunshine.
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