Friday, March 13, 2009


Mummy McTavish is in Brisbane for her friend's wedding. Wolf is "Mummy" and Daddy for a few days. Last night he had a meeting and so Mr Sunshine and I had Lion and Dragon for a few hectic hours.
When it was already past bedtime we finally got them into the bath. Being an experienced Mummy and Grandma I asked them if they could do a wee before getting in the water. No, no-one wanted to do a wee. Absolutely not. Mission impossible.
Fast forward five minutes - "Grandma get me out quickly! I need to do a weeeeee!" says Lion in his normal speaking voice of 190 decibels.
"Hold on!" says Grannysaurus plucking him up by the armpits and racing with a dripping Lion down the hall to the loo. Lion literally does 'hang on'.
We get to the loo and he lets go and looks at his hand in disgust and gives it a few shakes and a very disapproving scowl.
Still we made it and most of the water on the floor was bath water.
All fixed up and he's back in the tub.

Almost immediately Dragon says, "I. . . want. . . to. . . do. . . wee. . . too. . . "
"Really?" says disbelieving Grannysaurus.
[This child is not fully potty trained and usually thinks bathwater is just like a big toilet bowl.]
"Need. . . do. . . wee. . . " says Dragon insistently.
"Okay, hold on while I get the potty" says Grannysaurus racing away to get the potty.
Surprise! Surprise! We get the potty and have a success. Grannysaurus takes a photo of the potty and sends it to Mummy McT so she can share in the success.
Mummy McT messages back, "Wow big hug from Mummy! Kiss kiss too."

I read the message out to Dragon who is now back in the tub.

He got so excited he did another wee.

Straight in the tub.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Talk about the weather

Small talk about the weather will never be one of the great conversation starters of all time. So at the risk of being boring, I have to say something about our weather yet again.

Cyclone Hamish (the latest threat to our coastline and peace of mind) is now a category 4 cyclone. That is a pretty serious cyclone. Up there with some some of the most destructive ones ever and worse than many.

Do you want to know what else?

What could make a serious cyclone more worrying?

I bet you couldn't guess.

Chimera and DH and Little Bear and Cheetah and DH's brother, SIL and their 2 daughters are camping near Ingham, out of mobile phone reception range.

I know you would think that with all that wind and rain they would have packed up and returned home. The trouble is there is not much wind and rain yet. It is all happening out at sea and on the coast we have that proverbial 'lull before the storm' calm. The cyclone is predicted to keep travelling parallel to the coast and maybe cross the coast way down south.

Cyclones don't always do as they are told.

That's why we have warnings - in case it changes it's mind and decides to turn west and head for the coast and the vulnerable little tent containing my grandchildren, but not containg a TV or radio or anything that could transmit a cyclone warning.

Right now I think I'll try ringing the National Park rangers and see if they have a contingency plan.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a w.....

I decided to take this quiz out of curiosity. Chimera's personality profile from doing the same quiz seemed so accurate, I was hoping for something a little closer to the truth for myself.

If this is really me, I think I may need a personality transplant. I'll admit it is not ALL untrue - especially the bit about being naturally sophisticated :) and I sure wasn't born financially well off. They got that right. I wouldn't say I am now either, but that depends on who I compare myself with. Compared with 90% of the world every Australian is well off.

Is it possible I got a question wrong when it was about my own taste in music?

Your Taste in Music Says You're Philosophical

Your musical tastes are reflective and complex.

You are intellectual to the point of being cerebral.

You are very open to new experiences, and even more open to new ideas and theories.

Wisdom and personal accomplishment are important to you.

You are naturally sophisticated. You are drawn to art, especially art by independent artists.

You are likely to be financially well off... and not because you were born that way.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Problem solved

For now... lets's just wait and see. Apparently one or two of my music links were preventing the page from loading and it was affecting both of my blogs. I had added 30 second sound clips from the iLike database. One or two of my choices had the effect of throwing a large spanner in the works.

Of course I must confess that the IT detective who put his finger on the problem for me was none other than Mr Sunshine (and I thought he didn't care). Thank you Mr Sunshine for saving my sanity once again!

Granny's tunes

Mr. Sunshine & Grannysaurus

Mr. Sunshine & Grannysaurus


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