Saturday, March 7, 2009

Talk about the weather

Small talk about the weather will never be one of the great conversation starters of all time. So at the risk of being boring, I have to say something about our weather yet again.

Cyclone Hamish (the latest threat to our coastline and peace of mind) is now a category 4 cyclone. That is a pretty serious cyclone. Up there with some some of the most destructive ones ever and worse than many.

Do you want to know what else?

What could make a serious cyclone more worrying?

I bet you couldn't guess.

Chimera and DH and Little Bear and Cheetah and DH's brother, SIL and their 2 daughters are camping near Ingham, out of mobile phone reception range.

I know you would think that with all that wind and rain they would have packed up and returned home. The trouble is there is not much wind and rain yet. It is all happening out at sea and on the coast we have that proverbial 'lull before the storm' calm. The cyclone is predicted to keep travelling parallel to the coast and maybe cross the coast way down south.

Cyclones don't always do as they are told.

That's why we have warnings - in case it changes it's mind and decides to turn west and head for the coast and the vulnerable little tent containing my grandchildren, but not containg a TV or radio or anything that could transmit a cyclone warning.

Right now I think I'll try ringing the National Park rangers and see if they have a contingency plan.


  1. I'm sure your daughter wont be offended at all by this comment - "the vulnerable little tent containing my grandchildren" - no, I'm sure she wont at all pick up on the fact that she doesnt get a mention there :)

  2. Actually, we got back a night early because the rain (although it wasn't too bad) got into Uncle J & Aunty M's tent & wet some of their stuff, so they bailed & we decided to call it a day too.

    Actually that "vulnerable little tent containing the grandchildren" was two tents as Cheetah has his own tent.

    Wait until you hear the near death story that had nothing to do with the cyclone.


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