Monday, March 28, 2011

You know you have left the big smoke when...

 drop in at the local community hall/op shop and nearly every one in the neighbourhood is in there line dancing.            
          ...the local kids' park is home to kangaroos.  This old man kangaroo looks with complete disdain on my intrusion into his domain. (Note his Willy Wagtail mate hitching a ride.  I didn't see the bird until I downloaded my photos.) 
           ...and there is really no need for the man-made silhouette of a kangaroo when the real thing is willing to pose - and much better looking.
  ...when we can leave our brand new letterbox just sitting on a box on the footpath and it doesn't get stolen or trashed.
          ...when you see lots of these beautiful creatures fluttering about.  This male Birdwing Butterfly followed his lady around fluttering directly above her to show off his colours every time she stopped to sipped some nectar.  She seemed to be more interested in the flowers than than her suitor.  He was much bigger than my hand span.  She was even bigger, but less colourful.
          ...when you have several kilometers of this without another person in site.
It's a tough life, isn't it?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Party day

Uncle Romeo and Auntie Juliet decided to have a combined birthday party this year. It was a great idea. Juliet had everyone organised to bring an item of food and it worked out beautifully with minimum fuss.  It was a VERY hot day so the children only spent a very short time in the sunshine. 
After a little bit of ball throwing, Little Bear, Dragon and Monkey spotted Romeo's open shed. Of course it was probably full of exciting things just waiting to be discovered. 
Behind the shed is the fence and behind the fence is the neighbour's yard and in the neighbours yard is a big dog with a big bark.  The dog could not get into Romeo's yard, but the kids didn't know that.  They also didn't know that the dog wasn't actually inside the shed. He just sounded like it.
As I took the last photo, Monkey burst into terrified tears and I put the camera down and gave him lots of cuddles. It's tough being a granny :)

When it was time for cake, scary dogs were forgotten.  Little Bear didn't want to miss out on blowing out the candles even though it was not her birthday.

Of course the youngest member of the family, Ladybug, didn't miss out on any fun with five bigger cousins to keep her entertained.
It was a great day. Happy Birthday Uncle Romeo and Auntie Juliet.Posted by Picasa

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