Thursday, January 13, 2011

'Tis a Puzzlement

Nothing to do with the King and I from where I stole the quote, but a jigsaw puzzlement. 
The jigsaw has 1000 pieces and took many hours to complete.  I had no guiding picture to work from.  Just a bag of 1000 pieces.  It was meant to be a mystery puzzle with a twist.  Completing the jigsaw was supposed to provide the final clue to 'Murder on the Hindenburg'. 
Unfortunately I don't have a clue because the book with the story relating to the picture was not in the box. The picture on the box had absolutely nothing relating to the picture in the puzzle.  At least I completed the puzzle and there were no missing pieces.  I will never know who was murdered and who was murderer. 'Ttis a puzzlement.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We lost the battle

I'm back.  For us personally, 2010 was a terrible year in some ways although having a new granddaughter and seeing all of the grandchildren thriving is definitely a redeeming feature of our "annus horriblis".  More on that at a later date.
The photo is of a sign that appeared in our park early last year.  Can you believe that a children's park that is home to a children's football team and is next to a primary school (ages 4-12) and a toy library is going to have a licenced clubhouse?  We signed the petition.  We wrote a letter.  We went to two public meetings.  Many of our neighbours did the same.  And we lost. 
In a city were public drunkenness is a problem.  In a country that spends millions of dollars dealing with the illness, violence, crime and every other negative outcome of unrestrained alcohol consumption. . .  we lost.  Our petitions fell on deaf ears.
The real losers are the kids who will grow up thinking that sport and alcohol are inseparable because their football club says they are by their actions.  To have a good time you have to have alcohol.  To raise funds for your club you have to sell alcohol.  That is the message to kids.
I could say a lot more, but you get my drift.

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