Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm a w.....

I decided to take this quiz out of curiosity. Chimera's personality profile from doing the same quiz seemed so accurate, I was hoping for something a little closer to the truth for myself.

If this is really me, I think I may need a personality transplant. I'll admit it is not ALL untrue - especially the bit about being naturally sophisticated :) and I sure wasn't born financially well off. They got that right. I wouldn't say I am now either, but that depends on who I compare myself with. Compared with 90% of the world every Australian is well off.

Is it possible I got a question wrong when it was about my own taste in music?

Your Taste in Music Says You're Philosophical

Your musical tastes are reflective and complex.

You are intellectual to the point of being cerebral.

You are very open to new experiences, and even more open to new ideas and theories.

Wisdom and personal accomplishment are important to you.

You are naturally sophisticated. You are drawn to art, especially art by independent artists.

You are likely to be financially well off... and not because you were born that way.


  1. Just be careful what you say there because Mum-me got the same result.

    You didn't comment on my previous post on my blog. (Not that I expect you to comment on all of them, but I thought for sure you would pick up on that one).

  2. I did that quiz off the link on Mum-me's & I got a really strange result also. You're right about us all being rich - we are so blessed to be living in this beautiful country!


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