Friday, March 13, 2009


Mummy McTavish is in Brisbane for her friend's wedding. Wolf is "Mummy" and Daddy for a few days. Last night he had a meeting and so Mr Sunshine and I had Lion and Dragon for a few hectic hours.
When it was already past bedtime we finally got them into the bath. Being an experienced Mummy and Grandma I asked them if they could do a wee before getting in the water. No, no-one wanted to do a wee. Absolutely not. Mission impossible.
Fast forward five minutes - "Grandma get me out quickly! I need to do a weeeeee!" says Lion in his normal speaking voice of 190 decibels.
"Hold on!" says Grannysaurus plucking him up by the armpits and racing with a dripping Lion down the hall to the loo. Lion literally does 'hang on'.
We get to the loo and he lets go and looks at his hand in disgust and gives it a few shakes and a very disapproving scowl.
Still we made it and most of the water on the floor was bath water.
All fixed up and he's back in the tub.

Almost immediately Dragon says, "I. . . want. . . to. . . do. . . wee. . . too. . . "
"Really?" says disbelieving Grannysaurus.
[This child is not fully potty trained and usually thinks bathwater is just like a big toilet bowl.]
"Need. . . do. . . wee. . . " says Dragon insistently.
"Okay, hold on while I get the potty" says Grannysaurus racing away to get the potty.
Surprise! Surprise! We get the potty and have a success. Grannysaurus takes a photo of the potty and sends it to Mummy McT so she can share in the success.
Mummy McT messages back, "Wow big hug from Mummy! Kiss kiss too."

I read the message out to Dragon who is now back in the tub.

He got so excited he did another wee.

Straight in the tub.


  1. Oh my! Talk about excitement! You really know how to live over at your house, hehehe! I used to love the stories my mom would tell me when they'd babysit my kids!

  2. Thanks for making me laugh. I enjoyed that!

  3. WOW! How exciting! How great to get to witness it as a grandmum :)

    ps LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture in your header!!!!


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