Saturday, September 5, 2009

Monkey McTavish

Isn't he just beautiful? No need to answer that because we know.

He is a good baby. His brothers are besotted with him especially Dragon who can't get enough of holding him, stroking his face, staring doe-eyed at him . . .

Of course Mummy and Daddy are pretty happy about it all too. Like I said, he is a good baby. He likes to sleep (so far). Therein lies my problem.

I just want to get a photo with his eyes OPEN.


  1. He sure is beautiful. We just need to convince Dragon to back off a bit sometimes... he's a bit full-on!
    You'll get a chance for some open eye photos. Especially if you happen to be around him at 5am... that seems to be a regular play time so far.

  2. He sure is beautiful, as have been all your grandbabies. I love his receeding hair line (well the appearance of one) and his cute little cheeks.

  3. I've just been admiring his pikky on Mummy McTavish's blog as well. He sure is gorgous. And congratulations to you for being a grandmother again!

  4. Ahhhh, so sweet when they're sleeping.

    He certainly does have the "McTavish" hairline.

  5. What a beautiful boy. He looks quite doll like in the first picture. Glad Dragon and Lion are besotted. Too adorable!

  6. OMGoodness! That top photo is just GORGEOUS and the second is so sweet. i can see why Dragon wants to cuddle with him (so would I!)


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