Sunday, November 22, 2009


Officially it's still Spring, but we don't really have Spring here - just dry season and wet season. In the dry season it can get cool, never cold. In the wet season it gets hot. Not blistering dry heat but, but steamy, sauna-like, sticky heat. It's starting to get like that, but we've had some gentle breezes to make it much more bearable - very pleasant. It will get worse. Much worse. February is usually the most unbearable month.
There is some recompense to the heat. One of them is the Frangipani. About 200 years ago a botanist described them as a set of antlers bedecked with posies. They have been the subject of many artworks, but there is one thing art cannot show you. The fragrance. Every time I step outside the air is filled with their gorgeous scent. Frangipani-scented perfumes never do it justice.
The grandchildren love to pick up a fallen flower with brown edges around the petals (they seem to accept imperfections in flowers and people) and make a special presentation of it to me.
That makes them smell even sweeter.
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  1. Remind me to grab a cutting off your Frangipani sometime. I want to plant some across the footpath to stop people parking on it all the time.

  2. Oh I love frangipani's! You just can't resist picking them & spending the next 10 minutes smelling that sweet scent!
    Our "spring" was very summer like with over 40 degree temps, however yesterday & today it's turned cool & we're back in jumpers (I just don't understand this place!!LOL)

  3. Oh how beautiful! Wish i could smell it through my computer ;)


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