Monday, December 7, 2009

Those eyes.

I know I'm biased, but who could resist those gorgeous Lion eyes.
Photo by Mummy McT by the way.

Before I married, I belonged to a family where blue eyes were totally non-existant. We didn't just have brown eyes, we had quite dark brown eys - without exception. Then I married a blue-eyed Mr. Sunshine and we had brown-eyed children.
[Brown eyes are a dominant gene]
But our daughters married non-brown-eyed men and our grandchilren get a lucky dip in the gene pool of eye colour. I suppose it has something to do with double recessive genes, but genetics can get quite complex, so I won't make any pronouncements.
Bottom line - the mix so far has been serendipitous for the grandchildren. They all have gorgeous eyes.
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  1. Those eyes are beautiful, coupled with his blond hair they are a lethal weapon!

    Wolf has brown eyes too! We both have dads with blue eyes so Lion is our little double recessive blue eyed boy.

  2. He sure does have beautiful eyes.
    Our eldest has blue eyes too. With my brown eyes and dark hair, I never expected to have a boy who was fair and blue eyed. It's those recessive genes at play.

  3. I must admit that Lion's blue eyes teamed with his dark eyelashes are rather irrestible. Watch out girls! But that being said, Dragon's big brown eyes win me over frequently and well, baby Monkey's eyes were making me melt this morning. I think you just have lucked in and have all round gorgeous grandchildren.

  4. He does have lovely eyes!
    Our family is also all brown eyed - although I have 2 sisters with blue & we thought the twins were going to be blue for about 6 months until they turned brown - but with green flecks.
    I love genetics - it's so interesting.


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