Monday, August 22, 2011

The Museum Trip

Mummy McTavish needed time off from children to shop, drink coffee, meet her friend E, prepare the boys bedroom for their new bunk beds. So I took them and Nanny (great-grandmother to the boys) to the museum.  It has some fantastic, hands-on gizmos for little boys to play interact with, especially in the science section. It's all science really, but you know what I mean. Dragon is making music with some bottles in the first picture.

The model of The Pandora takes up most of the first floor and the highlight of the day was the firing of the replica canon. The presenter asked Dragon which boat they should aim at (the museum is situated on the creek bank overlooking a marina and the canon faces the huge windows). Dragon pointed out a red boat on the opposite bank and was so focused on seeing it blow up that he missed out on all of the activity of preparing the canon and "lighting" the fuse. He didn't miss the bang, but I suspect that he was a bit disappointed when the red boat didn't sink.

While they were there they apparently were put in chains for some misdemeanor and thrown into Pandora's Box. Fortunately I had them released from custody, but not before I took their photos. Monkey looks like a violent and ruthless mutineer if ever I saw one. Don't you agree?

Dragon is such a hardened criminal that he can still smile while being chained up in the dingey, smelly ship's hold. He seems to have grown an extra pair of hands too. Strange things happen at sea. . . .

No wonder they turned into criminals when even their great-grandmother couldn't go straight and ended up in Pandora's Box also.
We had a great time and the boys were very good, but I didn't take many photos because I had my hands pretty full with grandma duties.
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