Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moving up

I have been a slack blogger. I admit it - guilty as charged. I could say I have some good excuses, but they are still excuses and it isn't as though I couldn't have written something. But "something" isn't necessarily worth reading.  There are a lot of things I can't write about now.
I can't write much about our natural environment because we are no longer living at the beach.  We have moved back into town as caretakers for a charity organisation. It is probably best that I say little about that in case I breach some security or privacy protocols of which I am ignorant.
So I can't write about where I live.
I can't write much about the grandchildren since I have so few new photos of them to post because I wasn't snapping any. I had an eye problem that dragged on for months that made photography difficult. That is now 95% fixed.
Then there was the coughing virus and the tendinitis in my right hand (my camera weighs over a kilogram - ouch) and the packing up and moving and a week in Brisbane for a family funeral.
In other words, life just got in the way for a while.

Now I'm back in form and doing things to make the creative juices flow. A day with Juliet and Ladybug helped. My grandkids are all sooooo photogenic. [Totally unbiased grandparent opinion.]

As we were passing the helipad at the hospital we saw the emergency helicopter had landed. We decided to wait and watch it take off. We were not disappointed. One of the crew waved to Ladybug and blew her lots of kisses. He was a sweetie! He kept waving as the helicopter lifted off. He was high in the air and still waving when he finally had to close the door.

One last photo because it intrigues me that the blades of the helicopter appear so distorted. I'm not sure if it is just the phone camera lens causing it or if it is a genuine distortion of the blades caused by the uplift, downdraft or whatever.

Only the blades are distorted so I don't think it is a lens distortion. If there are any aerodynamics engineers out there, feel free to leave an explanation in my comments.

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  1. Those blades do look strange. I'll have to watch next time I see a helicopter take off ~ actually I'll just ask Dave when he comes home ~ he'll know!
    I have missed you ~ it is wonderful you've found somewhere new to move to & I'll pray for your hand & eyes ~ how frustrating that must be.
    Have a wonderful weekend


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