Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ladybug Days

Juliet is working on a couple of days a week. Actually, as mum of 1 year old Ladybug, she is working 7 days a week. That is what mums do. But Juliet has a job that she gets paid for as well which is a bonus, except that I'm sure she misses little Ladybug while she is away at work and Ladybug misses her too. On the day that I have her we do our best to keep Ladybug busy and entertained, but it's not hard because she is a very good Ladybug.

A couple of weeks ago Ladybug borrowed our boss's toy clown called Buttons. Buttons did very well playing with Ladybug and making sure she was happy.

This week we decided to go to the McTavish home while they were away on holidays and play with the cousins toys and not just the toys. Like all little girls, Ladybug likes shoes, but she is not a slave to fashion. She really liked spending the day in Monkey's joggers and socks even though she had two pairs of shoes of her own in her bag.

Aunty MMcT's childproof cupboard doors were another source of fun. Apparently rattling them very fast makes a great noise.

Best of all there was the boys' bunk beds. They have a camo net around the bottom bunk which is fun to hide behind and say, "Heyooohhhh", in a singsong voice over and over and Lion has a huge toy Lion that you can snuggle up to and pretend to go to sleep.

Even better than "best of all" is the top bunk. Up there you can be taller than everyone, especially Grannysaurus.  It's so high that Ladybug could almost touch the stars on the ceiling.

You can feel very brave being soooo high up even if it is a tiny bit scary.


  1. She is just so cute! I imagine you treasure those days you get to spend with her!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & a very Happy New Year!

  2. What a cute little Lady Bug!
    I'd forgotten that I had a friend at primary school that used the nickname Bug for me. But I was never that sweet.


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