Saturday, April 28, 2012

Down by the banks...

A couple of days ago we went back to the river, armed with my camera, to see if we could catch another glimpse of our crocodile. We saw him therefore we have a proprietorial interest him. But we didn't see him or any of his relatives this time. The photo below is near where we saw him the other day. He was about two metres out from the bank. It just looks like it would be good for lurking crocodiles, doesn't it?

In spite of a serious lack of crocodiles in the river, we did see abundant wildlife like this beautiful fellow. I never know whether to call them egrets or herons, so feel free to teach me.

 Next photo, not exactly wildlife - just a little enigmatic. Deliberate or accidental? Funny things happen in cyclones, so you never know.

At least three groups of mamma ducks and ducklings were out and about. I think this little lady had the largest brood. Poor mamma duck.

I saved my favourite until last. It is not a great photo and it is not even cute. Can you see what they are? No, not E.T. and friend, but close. These two turtles were so in love they kept popping up and kissing each other.  At one point they were about to take their relationship a bit further when someone cycled over the footbridge above their heads and it put them off.

Life's like that.


  1. Lots of lovely wild life to admire there. Great photos.

  2. Thank you Smilie girl. I always think of your boys when I see turtles. I found out that these are Krefft's short-necked turtles and the egret is an Intermediate Egret (I kid you not, scientific name Egretta intermedia).

  3. Je vous remercie. très intéressant.Merci pour l'info!!

  4. Dziękuję. bardzo ciekawe .Dzięki za info!!

  5. Danke. sehr interessant )Danke für die Info!!


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