Monday, November 4, 2013

A fresh start.

Finally. I updated the header photo and now you can see my Seven Little Australians (doesn't that sound like a wonderful title for a book?) as they are, or at least as they were in July. They grow up and change so quickly that in the intervening three months since the photo was taken they have already changed, grown out of some things, had hair cuts -- you know how it goes. Since their names are no longer in the title I will introduce you to them by their blog names from left to right: Monkey, Little Bear, Butterfly (on my lap), Lion, Cheetah, Dragon and Ladybug. Mummy McTavish took the photo when we were all together in July to celebrate Great Nanna's birthday.

I really must try to be a more regular blogger again. I began blogging in 2008 because I was a bit of a frustrated writer and I wanted to write, but I wanted to test the waters to find out if other people would read what I wrote. As it turned out, other people did read what I wrote and they even left nice comments. (Thank you commenters if you are still out there.) It gave me the confidence to take what for me was a drastic step -- the step of enrolling at university to learn more about writing. Mr Sunshine has been very patient as I have obsessed over various assignments and assessment tasks while chaos reigned in the home. It has paid off and I am now the happy recipient of 2 credits, 2 distinctions and 1 high distinction. I can say with honesty that I haven't received a single pass. My course is a Bachelor of Arts at University of New England and since I am plodding away, one subject at a time, it is going take me until early 2019 to finish. That is okay because I am in no hurry and I don't want it to interfere with my grandparenting duties. The children will grow up and not need me soon enough, but I'm sure the university will still be there.

That's it for now folks. I'm hoping that I can be a bit more regular with my posts from now on, but I make no promises.


  1. What a lovely group. My, how they have grown! Well done with your studies.

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