Saturday, October 31, 2009


In my last post in honour of Lion's birthday, I included a pic of a little Lion watching the heavy machinery in my street a few years ago.  It was strangely prophetic. . .
Today Lion and Dragon have their birthday party for their mates.  Last week was the family birthday party.  They live in the cul de sac of a longish street.  Two days before their birthday party the city council decided to dig up most of the street in order to replace the road surface.  The road had been so poorly made in the first place that they have removed at least 50 cm deep from the surface of their road and several surrounding roads. 
The result - Mums (and/or Dads) with little kids and toteing birthday gifts became confused due to "ROAD CLOSED" signs and have had to walk some distance. Aunty with twins expected in a few months also had to walk with panicy hysterical toddler in tow (possibly upset by the machinery noise?). 
Thank you City Council. Great timing!
Naturally it decided to rain today too, for the first time in months.
At least we won't blame the City Council for that.


  1. No, not the machinery noise. He would have loved that. He saw another mum carrying her son so decided he needed to be carried too. Then he tripped over and got upset, hence needing mummy cuddles. Thanks so much for your help. He did calm down for a little while until something else set him off. A ridiculous busy week with way too many late nights I suspect.

    We might as well blame the council for the timing of the rain. They fail to do anything else right at the moment. I am still disappointed at the lack of play equipment in our favourite parks.

  2. If you want to give me a list of the parks I'll write another letter to the paper and to the council. I've got enough grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews (some still to come) to feel that I have a legitimate stake in the issue:)

  3. Dear Oh Dear. I hope the party was still a success.

  4. Oh my! What a lovely mess that must've been :(
    Hope the party was still a good one :)


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