Monday, June 7, 2010

Whose birthday?

This Wednesday will be someone's birthday and she will be 29.  Isn't that exciting??  If you go to this blog you might be able to guess whose birthday it is. 

When I look at photos of my kids when they were little, I often wish I could turn back the clock.  It all seemed to pass so quickly.  Too quickly.  And yet 29 years have passed since I was in that labour ward having the surprise of my life - a painless labour.  Well, until the last few minutes that is.  But I wouldn't complain about that.  [No I wasn't on any drugs either.] 

I could tell you so much more, but I might not be very popular in certain quarters if I start airing too many family secrets on the world wide web.  Of course I could just make some up ;)

Do you think those three little boys over at Samster-dot-com have picked up some of their mother's looks?  I hope so.

Happy Birthday for Wednesday Mummy McT.

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  1. What a fantastic collage! A beautiful smile through out. Happy birthday to Mummy McT!

  2. I love it! Happy Birthday to Mummy McTavish for last week (I know I'm late in reading this sorry). Doesn't Dragon look like his mum!
    Hope you're keeping well & having a nice evening

  3. Thanks sweet ladies! I'm a bit late in getting to read comments over here.

    I must remember to delete our photos before I return your camera or you get your hands on all our silly face ones... ;-)


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