Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mr. Sunshine

I thought it would be fair to say something about my other half. As is customary, he requires a pen name for the sake of blog anonymity. This was going to be a problem. The only name that he has ever been known by to my knowledge is his own - except for a very brief time to a very select and special group of people. To them he was Mr. Sunshine.
Let me explain. Mr Sunshine is a teacher. He trained and for many years taught mathematics and science in secondary schools. At one stage he taught in a small local Christian school which had preschool to year 12 classes. Occasionally he would invite the infant classes into the big kids' laboratory to have a real science lesson. They loved it and he loved it, but he couldn't remember all their names because he didn't see them often enough. So if he saw one the littlies in the playground he would say, "Hello Sunshine". They all thought that he remembered them well because he always used the same pet name for them. He also used it for every other child, but that didn't seem to matter. At some point one little bright spark turned the tables and said, "Hello Mr. Sunshine" and it stuck. After that he was Mr Sunshine to the kids in the infant classes.
That same year as fate would have it, KMart introduced the coffee mug that you can see in the photo. It appeared first in a catalogue, but we never seemed to find it on the shelves. It was Mummy McTavish who finally tracked one down, although this happened long before she was a mummy or a McTavish. Considering Mr Sunshine's capacity for coffee drinking and his special nick name it was the most appropriate of gifts for him.


  1. He often gets called cranky the crane around the mctavish house or "drandadtranky" not as flattering as mr sunshine.

  2. I thought the selling point of the cup was the fact that, although intended as sarcasm by the inventor of the cup I'm sure, the picture was an incredibly accurate depiction that matched the recipient as much as the name.

  3. Okay, so I was trying to be a bit tactful. Besides Mr 'Sunshine' might actually read about himself and you can't be toooo careful.

  4. Ah, now we are on the touchy subject of "are you sugarcoating your blog?" Are you blogging your real life or the version you want other to see? And how much sugar coating is just enough? and are you editing what you write because you know certain people will read it? and... and... and...


  5. ooh, I think I even know the little tacker responsible for 'Mr Sunshine'. I think I'm possibly related to him....


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