Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Technology in the Deep North

No I didn't suddenly die or run out of things to blog about and it isn't that I forgot to pay my internet bill either. It's just that information technology in North Queensland doesn't seem to have progressed into the 21st century yet.
We have had a lot of trouble with our internet connection cutting in and out and basically being unreliable, so when Telstra offered us ADSL2 with more gigs, more reliable and faster etc. etc. we decided to go for it.
Here is what they didn't tell us:- We are probably the first in our area to get this; they had not yet actually put in the "stuff" for it at the exchange or locally; there would be a long delay (weeks - well almost 2 weeks) between being disconnected from our old internet provider and being connected up to our new ADSL2. This Thursday we hope to be back on the air. For now I thought I would give a short explanation from my work computer (not on work time though, in case you are wondering).
If you read my profile you will know that I'm a Parish Worker. This kind of means that I'm employed by God and God pays me. The Church treasurer signs the cheque, but since she works for God too, it's all the same. The problem with working for God is that I've got to be pretty honest about what I do. [Like using the work computer - God's computer].
So you see, when I say that I'm not doing this on work time, it has to be true because I really, really don't want to shortchange my Boss.


  1. But at least you couldn't get a better boss!! Hope the internet is sorted out soon - it's so frustrating when it's off. Have a nice rest of your week!

  2. Ahh, one of my favourite companies :( So cranky at them. ugh, dont get me started...

  3. I wouldn't want to let your boss down either, there's that whole plague thing, was one of those plagues' cockroaches? :)

    You have a fun blog, I'll stop by again in a week or so, good luck on the technology thing.

  4. I've been with several ISPs in the deep north and the only one that gave us trouble was Rawnet (the old ADSL2 providers from last year sometime) who went broke.

    Internode wins.


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