Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why Grannysaurus?

One of my sons-in-law got caught out listing my number in his mobile phone as "Dragon Lady". One of my grandsons goes by the nom de plume of Dragon McTavish. I have occasionally been called Grandma Dragon. That didn't seem to have the right flair for a blog name so I did some dragon research. Everybody's favourite lizard in Australia is the little dragon lizard known as a "Frilly" or Frilled neck lizard. He belongs in the genus Chlamydosaurus. As anyone who has read about Dinosaurs knows, saurus simply means lizard, but our Frilly-saurus is a dragon lizard. So I liked the sound of it and the connection to my favourite dragon - the Frilly - and adopted "saurus" in the place of "dragon" and became Grannysaurus.
A bit of convoluted reasoning, I know. But convoluted reasoning is one of my talents.
The photo is Grannysaurus and Dragon McTavish.

You can follow the adventures of the clan McTavish here
You can learn more about the Frilly here


  1. Welcome to blogland Grannysaurus.

  2. Yay, Grannysaurus is blogging. So can we call you granny now??? Love Lion and Dragon McT

  3. For such a fearsome little lizard, the frilly has a rather unfortunate scientific name. I can see why he uses a nickname.

    Now that you are here, do you think that we can convince Aunty J that blogland is better than facebook?


  4. Hello, I thing Grannysaurus is a great bloggy name! (wish I could be so creative!)


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