Friday, April 24, 2009

I Saw the Light

Well, yes I did - quite a long time ago. But the light I'm talking about here is the light that my camera sees. It is the reason I chose the camera I chose. That and the 12.3 megapixels. Who wouldn't want that many megapixels to fool around with?
I chose my camera (Nikon D300) mostly for its dynamic range. That means that in very contrasty situations (like rainforests) I get a lot more detail in the darkest and lightest sections of the photograph.

The next one is my favourite.

These are photos that I just couldn't have taken with my little Canon Powershot A85. Not that my Canon hasn't served me well and continues to do so, but before I bought the Nikon, I had been getting disappointed with the limitations of the Canon. I knew what I wanted it to do and it just couldn't do it.

Mummy McTavish liked the prickly photo. It's a palm that grows as a vine (or liana) and can climb to the tops of trees. I can just imagine Tarzan getting a handful of those spines as he swings through the trees.

No flash was used for any of these photos. Just the beautiful natural sunlight filtered through the trees.
Oh, and I forgot to say that my 'excuse' (not to be confused with 'reason') for buying such an expensive camera was that Mummy McTavish needed a really good camera to borrow to take some photographs worthy of selling, so that her Bachelor of Photography degree is put to more use ;)
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  1. Um, hint hint much? I thought I had a real job coming up for it with some fancy schmancy kitchen?


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