Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a sign

More photos from the tablelands.

I like to photograph unusual signs. The one above probably isn't all that unusual, but it isn't common either. The two below are absolutely Australia-only signs.

To tell the truth I have never seen a real tree kangaroo as far as I know. For one thing they are nocturnal and they are also not common. When we first spotted this sign from a distance, we thought that the paint had run, but that was just his tail.

For any overseas readers: this sign depicts a cassowary which is an endangered, flightless bird, nearly as big as an emu and with much more spectacular colouring. Click on the link to see just how beautiful they are. I have only ever seen one cassowary in the wild and that was about 25 years ago. They are battling for survival against wild pigs, vehicles, dogs and forest clearing.
The last sign speaks for itself. We have seen plenty of warning signs for heavy vehicles, but never encountered this one before. From a distance we both thought it was a motorcyclist. If you screw up your eyes and squint at it, you might be able to see why. (The grill of the truck becomes the front wheel).
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  1. These are really interesting and definitely not signs I would see in the US. Very cool!

  2. according to the sydney wildlife center, the cassowary is the mostly deadliest bird in the WORLD! careful! :)


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