Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tiny Time Team

If you haven't seen Time Team on the television you are missing out on archeology at its most entertaining.  The McTavish boys have been keen archaeologists thanks to Tony Robinson and crew.  A few weeks ago when they visited us, Lion did some digging in the garden and under the trees and eventually became frustrated and threw in the trowel because he couldn't find any archeology. 
A devoted Grannysaurus could not leave it at that.  If the boys wanted to find archeology, then archeology had to be found.  So mysteriously archeology started to find its way under the big mango tree.  Very sensible of previous civilizations to leave their relics in the shade. Old tools, hose fittings, coins, bones and odds and ends were lying just below the surface waiting to be discovered apparently.  So when the boys returned for another sleepover, we decided to put in two trenches.  What do you know - they found plenty of archeology.  The most exciting finds were the "dating evidence" (the coins).
As usual Dragon was the King of Silly Faces. Unfortunately Cheetah didn't star in any of the photos of the day because he was the official photographer.  I love his photo of Lion in the middle top of the collage. 
Morning tea was Anzac biscuits again thanks to Cheetah's kitchen skill.
Would you believe that four year old Dragon actually accused me of putting the archeology in the ground?   No flies on that boy!
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  1. Hi :) Come check out my blog? I've followed you, it'd be great if you could do the same ^_^ ♥ I also have a facebook page and a flickr, take a look?

  2. What a great idea. I might need to share that one with my mother-in-law. Her and Thomas do a lot of activities when he visits and that one sounds just perfect for them.

    Dragon is hilarious - especially in the bottom picture. It wouldn't suprise me at all that he accused you of tampering with the archeology. I love it how children are happy to play pretend but then are quick to point out when things aren't real if you are playing pretend. Kate

  3. I've watched the show and it's good to see how it's inspired your tiny time team. I'm glad you all had fun and probably learnt alot along the way too. Hope you've enjoyed the school holidays with your grandchildren. We've had fun too.


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