Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Biblical proportions

It's official. It's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. The newspaper says so.
Just last week I was telling someone that I felt like Mrs Noah, but then I thought about it and rephrased my statement. I actually feel like one of Mrs Noah's neighbours who watched the ark float gently away on the rising flood while being left with a mop and bucket and lots of misplaced optimism.

My rain gauge said we had 200 mm (8 ins) of rain from noon yesterday till noon today. The surprising prediction for tomorrow is . . .



  1. I don't think your brick house will float like an ark. I guess you are one of the neighbours then.

  2. I like Mummy McT's word of encouragement there.
    Am thinking of you all in the north in your state of sogginess.

  3. Man, I wrote a comment & then lost it & now I feel silly saying the same thing twice!@

    I think the newspapers keep that headline on standby because I am sure I have seen it before (more than once even?).

    I heard a lady on the radio this morning say that she had received 263mL (or something like that) in her rain guage over night. Maybe a frog spent the night in hers!

  4. Wow! Holy cow! That is a lot of rain!

    Thank you so much for commenting and helping me help the Whitt family.


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