Sunday, February 1, 2009

Even wetter

We have a cyclone on the way now. Just what we need! The ground is so wet it is more like soup than soil and now we are going to add wind into the equation. You know what will happen.

Probably around lunch time tomorrow it will be on our doorstep. It's only a mild one, but when the ground is so waterlogged already, we only need a mild one. It's happened before when we've had this much rain. Trees fall over like drunken sailors. Some will land on cars and houses. You don't have to be a prophet to know this. Let's just hope people are sensible and no one gets hurt.


  1. It's a soggy day today. Can't see any damage from our house but I bet there are a few trees down around here.

  2. Hope you all keep safe & well. I think a cyclone would be so scary.


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