Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All we need is love

Several weeks ago Lion and Dragon wanted their photo taken with Grandad while they were wearing their new pj's. They were so cute as usual.

Little Bear loves her cousin Dragon. Really she does. She also loves her Grandad. But she is just a little bit competitive. So Dragon was closer to wonderful Grandad than she was and this meant tears and drama.

Very graciously Dragon gave way and let Little Bear have the 'seat' next to Grandad and he got an appreciative hug from Little Bear.

The appreciative hug got tighter and tighter. Dragon was getting worried.

The next photo would have been the one with Dragon crying and coughing and Grandad and Grannysaurus trying to make sure that no lasting damage had been done and giving Dragon big cuddles to make up for his traumatic experience in the loving arms of his little cousin.

But no one was left to take that picture.


  1. You sure can feel the love there!

  2. She's a sweetie isn't she !!! Taught her everything she knows.

    Actually I think one of her father's sayings is "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen". Must work. Dragon keeps coming back!

  3. I hope a photo of the matching boys was given to great grandma who gave them the pjs.

    We do churn out little cuties in this family don't we?

  4. We have a few family pics that catch some 'tough love' going on as well! Those grandbabies sure are darling!



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