Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Baptism

Baby fingers and toes are so cute and photograph-able. I love the way her little fingers are just as pink as her gorgeous little dress.
Sunday May 2 was a big day in the lives of two little babies.  Mr Sunshine's twin great niece and great nephew were baptised.  The little man was a good baby who slept a lot - like good babies do.  His little sister (a minute younger) bawled into the minister's clip-on microphone as he held her and at the celebratory morning tea, spent quite a lot of time awake.  So we have more girlie pics than little boy pics, sadly.

You can see that she wasn't unhappy all of the time.  That smile was for her Grandad D.  He was putty in her tiny little hands. 
I would love to know what their big brother was thinking when he pulled that funny face during the service.

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  1. I love the pictures! How cute!
    Girls do seem to like more attention than boys....I know it started early for Miss Ellie!
    Beautiful babies!

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  5. You have such beautiful grandchildren and you have a natural talent for "people" photography. Looking at your pictures always makes me smile. What a blessing.
    Thanks for your comment at my blog, Wish I could "post" some to you. Check my new post (that I'm going to do right now) to read what a great day I had today.


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