Sunday, May 2, 2010

Battle of wills

Today Monkey met his match.  All of our grandchildren have strong wills (from Mr Sunshine's side).
Meet Mr Sunshine's mum - one of the great grandmas to my grandchildren.  Our grandchildren have been blessed with a virtual plethora of grandparents.  Great grandma loves her grandchildren and great grandchildren, but she is not about to be pushed around by any of them.
No matter how cute they are ;)


  1. I meant to say happy birthday to you this morning, but I forgot. So happy birthday. :)

  2. Thanks Stuss, I meant to ask you if you ever checked out the Gruen Transfer link that I left in a comment on your blog post about the Aus tourism ad.

  3. Happy birthday to you too!
    Monkey is looking more like his older brothers in these photos. He is lucky to have a great grandma that loves him so. And even luckier to have more than one great grandparent. My boys are lucky enough to have 3 (there were 4) great grandparents around. I was lucky enough to have 2 great grandmas live next door to me at different times. Special memories.

  4. I loved reading through your blog! I especially liked the pics of greatgrandma and babe. Children will do well when raised by determined elders!

  5. It's lovely that the children can get to know their great grandmother. We've just had my grandma here for a visit & it was great seeing the 4 generations here together (my parents were here as well). I will admit though I think she was pretty tired by the end of her visit!
    Have a lovely day!
    Renata :)

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