Friday, December 26, 2008

And so that was Christmas. . . the day after

I know the title is a little clichéd, but the trouble is that the tune of "So this is Christmas" has been buzzing around in my head all day as ear worms do and maybe the only way to get rid of it is to write about it.  Some of the problem is that I think I'm suffering from several seasonal diseases/syndromes.
There's the Christmas-anticlimax-syndrome because it is the day after the big day and all of the mad rushing and shopping and stressing is suddenly over.  The Christmas-anticlimax-syndrome usually goes hand in hand with the I-shouldn't-have-eaten-so-much-syndrome.
Then there is the avoiding-all-the-work-that-I-should-be-doing-syndrome.  Having had so much to do and been so busy for weeks, now is the chance to catch up in the garden and house, but I really don't feel like it.  If I was an athlete I'd say I "hit the wall".  Maybe I hit the mental wall?  I might have the balk-at-having-so-much-to-catch-up-on variety of this disease.
Of course, this being a regular steamy hot North Queensland Summer day, I'm also suffering from the heat-has-sapped-my-energy syndrome.
Oh well, I think I'd better get started on something. . .    right after I go and have a nice cold drink with Mr Sunshine out on the patio in the shade.


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  2. There is so much food on Christmas I eat until I can't fit anymore in. Then my problem the day after Christmas is that all my food has digested and I wish I could have eaten more... I guess that's what boxing day is for, cleaning up the left overs, (but only if you hosted). :)


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