Monday, December 8, 2008

Kreativ Blogger award

Thank you to Possum of Possum Princess Palace for giving me my first and only award. A Kreative Blogger award.

"The rules are that the recipient is to list six things that make him/her happy before subsequently passing forward the glee to others."
So here goes. Six things that make me happy -
1. Rain
2. Happy people. When I see other people smiling and happy, it's contagious.
3. Reading a good funny book like Terry Pratchett's The Carpet People.
4. Bush walking.
5. Seeing my grandchildren do something loving for each other or someone else.
6. When a photo I've taken turns out just how I wanted it to look.
People I will give the Kreative Blogger award to are -
1. Chimera of Castle in the Air
2. Renata of Sunnyside Fun

1 comment:

  1. Thanks very much. I will try & post about it today or tomorrow!


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