Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beautiful Tassy

Twelve months ago Mr Sunshine and I spent about 5 weeks in Tasmania. It was his first time in the "Apple Isle" but I had been there before. It is where my Dad was born and where family history goes back to the 1860's and maybe a bit longer. That is a pretty long time by Australian standards unless you are aboriginal.
We had hoped to return there in 2009 for the whole year. Mr Sunshine is a teacher and short term teaching contracts would have kept bread on the table. Meanwhile we would have spent every spare minute hiking, driving, photographing and just enjoying as much of the island as was humanly possible.
Alas, it is not to be. Not in 2009 at least. Last July we bought a business. It is a pretty good business and we are mostly in the black, not the red, but it has tied us to North Queensland for the present time. I would have missed the grandkids a lot if we had been away anyway.
In lieu of our escape to greener and cooler Tassy I decided to post some photos from our last holiday there in order to have a little virtual holiday.

Happy holidays everyone!


  1. Um, I thought you went there with dad? That is certainly not him sitting on that rock. Are you in the habit of taking holiday snaps of random folk you will never see again?

  2. No, the man on the rock is not Mr Sunshine. He is a random German tourist. There was no way Mr Sunshine could have climbed onto that rock without having a coronary. There was a stack of German tourists there that day and we were all passing cameras around and taking pics for each other. It was very friendly and communal.

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. I've never been to Tassy, but would love to one day. North Qld is nice as well - I have a lot of relatives that live up there - & it's nice you can enjoy your grandchildren while they're young!


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