Sunday, December 21, 2008

A little bent

This is our Christmas tree - completed. Decorated by Lion and Dragon McTavish with a little help from Grannysaurus. See that gold star. Just behind it is a gold wire angel with bead decoration. They are on the top of the tree. Star and angel together. I know they don't look like they are on the top of the tree, but they really are. It's not an optical illusion. It's just that the top of the tree is no longer at the top of the tree.

You see after the tree was complete, Lion got his little stool, stood up on it and reached up to the top of the tree. He very purposely and carefully bent the top over so that he could reach the star and the angel - maybe to make sure they were secure or maybe just to have them within reach. Who knows. It took him a few minutes to get it just right. So that is the way it stays.

I'm not sure why I'm happy to have a tree that looks a little bent and lop-sided. I just know that if it was so important for Lion to take such care getting it like that, it would feel wrong for me to go and change it. Maybe I'm a bit strange, but it kind of makes it special. So that is the way it will be till it gets packed away for another Christmas - a litttle bent.


  1. Asked Lion why it was pulled down "I wanted to make is shiny and that is how it went shiny". So I guess that sorts it out:)

  2. What a darling. I thought he would have a good, plausible reason.

  3. Your tree looks pretty!!

    Great job Lion, Dragon and Grannysaurus.

    P.S Our tree is bent too!!!


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