Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cheetah's hobby

Don't believe everything you see. His hobby isn't gardening.

That is an illusion created by the photographer. In fact, his hobby lately, appears to be hole digging. Not digging holes - plural. Just this one hole. Every time he comes over he asks if he can go and dig in the garden. The hole just keeps getting bigger.

On Mother's day Lion and Dragon joined in and helped him. Like I said in a previous post, I don't need a hole in the garden. I have nothing to plant there and no time to get out and care for the plants I have.

Many years ago a wise friend who had 3 little boys commented about her back yard that looked like a moonscape and was completely free of any foliage. It didn't even have a blade of grass. She said, "P and I asked ourselves what was more important, raising boys or raising a lawn. We decided that raising boys was more important and if excavating the backyard was what kept them active and outdoors and safe, then so be it." I might add that their front yard was beautiful.

Unfortunately, at the moment mine isn't.
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  1. My boys are currently excavating the veggie patch. Thankfully the veggie patches have been lying fallow (read-totally neglected) since the cut-worm infestation of '08 so they are just spreading mulch liberally around the back yard. They are getting dirty, wet and cold but they are having a ball. And I am getting some work done in relative peace.

  2. LOL! Boy, can I sympathize :)
    My back yard looks the same...very holey.
    My boys all love to "hunt for treasures"... lovely :(
    Like your friend said though, it does keep them outside and playing :)


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