Thursday, May 14, 2009

A thousand words

Doesn't that sad face just make you want to cry?
After all the build up about going for icecream at The Frosty Mango when the new road opened last month, Lion made a sad mistake. He chose the prettiest icecream. It looked delicious. He did try to enjoy it. He sort of paddled around in it. If I had realised a bit sooner, like before I scoffed my own tiramasu flavoured icecream (yummy), I could have swapped with him. Too late I realised that the problem was that he couldn't stand the taste.
What was really a valiant effort to eat something he didn't like was interpreted as playing with his food and he missed out completely.
Poor Lion.
Grandparents can be so thick at times.
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  1. My poor baby. He still had fun. He'll go again. He'll remember to ask for a taste like mummy told him to next time. I love to taste... you get some free icecream that way! Poor baby, it does make me want to cry. Now Wolf is saying we should take him back this weekend. I think he has recovered well enough that we don't need to do that.


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