Friday, May 15, 2009

It wasn't all bad

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After the Episode of the Disappointing Icecream (see yesterday's post), Lion soon cheered up and put it behind him. First, he and Dragon chased each other all over the lovely, big, grassy area. I would have been a bit more relaxed if it wasn't for the humongous trucks on the highway about 20 meters away. You know how quickly little boy legs can cover that distance and how quickly they can forget to not go near the road, especially when they are getting excited and having fun.
Anyway we managed to keep them from getting flattened. The BIG thrill was the Mimosa pudica, a delightfully fascinating little weed that suddenly folds up its leaves when they are touched. Little boys love 'teasing' it, even big boys like Mr Sunshine love to 'tease' it.
It's actually a noxious weed with nasty, needley, little spines that go right through some soles. It's most common, common name is sensitive plant because of the leaves' sensitivity. In reality it is not sensitive enough. It is almost impossible to kill.
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