Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's still raining

If you click on the collage you will enlarge it. Clockwise from top left -

1. My feet sinking into the marsh that is my front lawn.

2. It looks like a pile of dirt, but it is a dead ant cemetery. Whenever it rains they bring all their mates' little ant bodies into my house :(

3. Front door mat, Venice style.

4. The wind did us a favour by bringing down the dead branches out of all the trees around the town.

5. The bucket on the patio filled up entirely with rain water just by being left out in the open for a couple of days.

6. I was about to open the windows for some fresh air when I looked out over the neighbour's houses and changed my mind.

So far this week we have had nearly 250mm of rain (10 ins) and more is expected tomorrow. A botanist back in the early days of settlement described this part of Australia as an area of total drought with intermittent floods. Some things never change.

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  1. I am wondering what the council has done right (but I am pretty sure it's just the way God has timed the rain) our gully is not even rising, all the water is flowing away. It is moving fairly fast most of the time and has swept over some bullrushes but it is only about a foot deep. I think our gully is about on a par with your park:)

  2. I wish you could send some of that rain down here, but hey it's the dry time of year for us! My grandparents (& lots of relatives) live up in Cairns & the tablelands & they have been talking about the rain as well!


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