Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just like Grandad

This photo is a little dated. It was taken in May 2007. That is 2 y.o. Dragon McTavish in Mr Sunshine's right arm and 4 y.o. Lion McTavish on his left side. They have grown a bit since then. It is just so cute I had to post it even though very belatedly.

Mr Sunshine has worn the same brand and style of shoes for about 30 years. They are Dunlop's (almost legendary) KT-26. Dunlop's website says they have sold about 5 million pairs. I think Mr Sunshine must have bought 1 million of those over the years. Maybe I exaggerate, but only a little. When Mummy McTavish found that you could get little kids KT 26's, Lion had to have a pair. He has grown out of them now and Dragon wears them sometimes. But he was very proud of his "Grandad shoes" and so we took this picture for posterity. Another 10 years and I'm sure he won't be so keen to wear the same anything as Grandad. That will make this photo all the more special (to us, but maybe not to him ;).

Oh, and they are sitting in the back of Grandad's ute ("ute" - short for utility; translation for USA readers: pick-up). The boys are soooo impressed with Grandad's ute and a favourite pass-time is to simply run around in the back of it - while it is stationary and safely parked in our yard of course. It was Lion's idea that they should pose in the back of Grandad's ute with their Grandad shoes.
They are so cute - even the old one! Well maybe he's only cute to me, but those little fellows would just melt anyone's heart. What a lucky Grannysaurus I am.
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  1. Look at the thunder-thighs on Dragon!

  2. Hi, I've been reading your families blogs for a while and am extending to yours now too. I think Dragon and Lion are gorgeous. But I won't tell my boys grandpa that they have KT26s for kids. My dad, like Mr Sunshine, has been keeping Mr Dunlop in business for some time. He does get good mileage from them. He has been known when the shoes start to come apart at the toes to wear a rubber band around the shoe till he's really ready for a new pair. My husband thinks they're wonderful too, but I broke him of the habit early in our marriage. Poor man.
    But thanks for making me smile and think about KT26s.

  3. What a proud Grandad!

    And WOW! Dragon has some MONSTER thighs! What a cutie!!

    My girls love to play in the back of their dads truck. It makes me cringe to see them back there because the end result is ALWAYS a ruined article of clothing! But, they always have a great time so I try not to complain too much!

  4. King Rick had a pair of KT26s to play golf in when we lived in PNG. They were K90 (about $40 AUD), and no self-respecting Papua New Guinean would be seen wearing anything else. Even a few trendy girls I taught down at the high school would wear them.


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