Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I found out yesterday that the appointment with our accountant that I thought was next month is this Saturday. Where are our group certificates, where are our receipts, what have we got to show him? Nothing. I have a lot to do between now and Saturday so like the efficient person that I am I immediately . . .

. . . decided that the grandkids' play table needed to be in their bedroom (they don't live here, it just seems like it); that I needed to put a proper cloth on their table; then I needed to put their tea set on their table with fastidious attention to detail. A number of other 'essentials' got done (like taking photos for this blog) before I finally stopped avoiding the inevitable.

The paperwork is all there. It's just mixed up with lots of other paperwork - stuff that I thought I might need or might read or might save for someone else. So by the end of the day this is what my dining room floor looked like:

It still looks like this because I haven't got any further yet. The laundry basket is for rubbish. The other bags and boxes are for unsorted on the LHS and sorted on the RHS. Am I the only person who longs for a return to the 70's when we had a global paper shortage and thought we would be working in "the paper-less office" within a decade?

Have I found the essential, I mean really ESSENTIAL paper work? No, but I'm working on it. I think I'll go and take some more photos now.

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  1. They haven't been over that much lately. And I do believe you start to miss them after a couple of days!

    They would be happy to help you look for that paperwork:)


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