Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I've been tagged, now you have to.

Now I've been tagged by Chimera when I thought I had escaped. So here goes (tune out now if you want to, surf the web, check out eBay or the weather. This could get boring.)
1. name: Grannysaurus, Sweetheart, Darling, Princess God Botherer, Father Ted, Grandma, Mungma (2 y.o. Dragon's version of Grandma), Grandma Excavator, Grandma Thunderbird 3, Grandma Frog (etc from imaginative 4 y.o. Lion)
2. birthday: 2 May 1955
3. wear silver or gold: prefer gold, but wear either when I can get it
4. favorite restaurant: anything with decent food and good service. Maccas does not rate!
5. favorite junk food: Chocolate of course
6. favorite candybar: Cherry ripe usually, but it varies as long as it has chocolate in it.
7. favorite candy: Licorice allsorts
8. favorite store: Myers
9. favorite online store: The great thing about online stores is the variety - who wants to pick one out as special.
10. do you collect anything: I have a small collection of fine china. My favourites are Hummel figurines. NOT figurines of Hummel autos - figurines of little children. Hummel is the artist. She was a German nun.
11. favorite movie: Maybe "To Kill a Mockingbird" with Gregory Peck, but I have many favourites and they are mostly G rated.
12. favorite book: Like Chimera it's more like favourite authors. Grisham, Ellis Peters, Peter Tremayne, Terry Pratchet, Terry Brooks, St Paul . . .
13. something you could never get enough of: Tasmanian scenery (I love it)
14. favorite band: The Monkees music is still catchy (I'm a 60's child, remember)
15. favorite indulgence: Can I say chocolate again? But then there is good quality wine, solitude, all day with a good book, acting like a kid with my grandkids.
16. something you never buy yourself but want: more photographic gear, but I think I have plenty, more than enough really.
17. favorite color: Depends on my mood, but never orange, rarely yellow; mostly lavender.
18. something you are wishing for right now: sleep
19. favorite symbol: Believe it or not, I have often thought about this. No, really I have, because I think that the symbol of the cross (as special as it is to Christians like me) is not the only, or the best symbol to represent Christians. If we could come up with something that represented and reminded us of the empty tomb, it would be more central to what our faith is about. If Jesus had died on the cross, but not come back alive from the grave, our faith would be for nought. So I don't have a symbol of an empty tomb, but if I did it would be my favourite.
20. who are you tagging: If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. Since the blogs I follow are generally very busy mums, I don't want to put pressure on anyone even though I would love to know your answers. If you are not one of the blogs I follow I would still like you to consider yourself tagged, but please stop by to introduce yourself and leave me a link to see your answers.


  1. I did tell you it was Davey Jones' birthday the other day didn't I?

  2. Yes you did. I've been very disapopointed with him for the last 33 years - ever since he married someone else. The infatuation has worn off now and I don't want to marry him anymore.

  3. "If we could come up with something that represented and reminded us of the empty tomb"

    I think I have it... it's called a donut. Wear that around your neck and/or eat it on Sundays to remind us of what He did for us.


  4. Wolf and Uncle Wilbie have for real looked into getting a donut machine for church. Donuts are the usual topic of conversation after church, they just want some way to justify it's spiritual significance or something.

  5. Well if it weren't for my recent trip to Sydney I would have NO IDEA what Maccas is! :) Unfortunately, it rates high with my kids! My almost 2 year old now screams "PEAS MOMMY!" when we drive by there!

    And I LOVE the Monkees! :)


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