Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laws of life with children

Reading this blog from Mummy McTavish reminded me of all those unpleasant 'coincidences' that occurred when my children were pre-schoolers. I thought I'd try and see how many I could think of. Here's a start:

  1. Mopping the floor means that someone will spill either milk or something sticky on it within the next 30 minutes. Usually a lot sooner.

  2. Putting a clean nappy/diaper on the baby will cause him/her to have a bowel motion almost immediately.

  3. You only have to think about sex and the toddler will wake up.

  4. No one drops in when the house is tidy. They only drop in when it looks like a bomb shelter with toys everywhere, last nights dishes still in the sink, a weeks dirty washing in the bathroom and another weeks clean washing waiting to be folded in a very prominent place.

  5. Your husband only has to wink at you and the baby wakes up.

  6. Children never get sick on week days. Illness usually starts Friday night. On Saturday you think they're on the mend, but late Saturday night you are wondering if their appendix has burst or if they have scarlet fever. Every doctor in town will be closed.

  7. When you do take a sick child to the doctor, he/she will make a miraculous recovery in the waiting room and be symptom free when you finally see the doctor.

  8. If your child has NEVER written on the walls at home, they will suddenly decide to express their artistic creativity with permanent markers when you are at someone else's house. This is particularly true if the house has recently been repainted.
  9. Sitting down to read the newspaper, a book, write a letter, etc., causes babies and young children (husbands too) to suddenly need your undivided attention.
  10. Your husband only has to look at you and they all wake up.

These are just some that I thought of, but my memory is getting a little fuzzy about the specifics. Please feel free to suggest others.


  1. Fantastic list and so true :)
    I think you got all the right ones. LOL

    ps thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers today. It's been a very sad day for Tuesday.

  2. Since you havent attached any names to anything on the list I will make a claim here that I am not responsible for any of them. Wasn't ME!

  3. No matter how quietly they are playing, the minute the phone rings they loudly demand your undivided attention.

    I think this is the best list of what to expect ever. Especially the husband winking at you parts. We call it their sex alarms, even the thought will set them off.

    I'm dropping by today because I blogged about my Mom yesterday and just began feeling tender towards moms everywhere. Mummy McTavish is such a fun blog friend so I thought I'd come thank the Mom.

  4. I can relate to everything!!! Great list!
    I also agree with boy mom - the second I'm on the phone they get hungry, thirsty need me urgently or get into something they shouldn't!


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