Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sleep-over at Grandma's

Mummy and Wolf MacTavish had a wedding to go to on Saturday afternoon, so Dragon and Lion came to stay with Grannysaurus and Mr Sunshine for a sleep-over.
It's a bit of a worry for Grannysaurus because I keep putting things that they shouldn't play with out of their reach, but then forgetting where I put them. They spend a lot of time with us, which means there are a lot of things that I can't find. It seems like half the household goods and chattels are "in a safe place". This "safe place" has achieved almost legendary status here. The good thing is that while I'm looking for something I misplaced today, I usually find what was lost last week.
One of the highlights of a sleepover here is breakfast in bed. For years, Mr Sunshine has brought me a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed every morning with very few exceptions. Aren't I blessed?! So the boys had the joy of waking me up and keeping me entertained until Grandad (Mr Sunshine) brought in the trays and a towel in case of spills. Porridge for Dragon and Grannysaurus and rice bubbles for Lion. Lion would have preferred "neutral grain" (nutrigrain), but I didn't have any in the cupboard because of the high sugar content and my fear of my daughter's wrath. Dragon got stuck into his porridge with gusto.
While I was being "Mrs Kodak Moment" Dragon finished his off - to the last drop, and then started on my neglected porridge. Take note of that mischievous smile. He knows what he's up to.

I like my breakfast so I reclaimed my porridge, shared the last bits with Dragon and then picked up the camera again. I was just in time to catch Dragon homing in on the last few unfinished rice bubbles in Lion's plate. Waste not, want not! That's his motto. More sleep-over highlights tomorrow. . . .


  1. I thought I'd better add the comment that Lion is not having some sort of seizure in the top pic. He is just being silly for the camera - just being a boy!

  2. You forgot to say what Grandma Poss had for breakfast, I saw her hiding in the first picture.

  3. OH! How cute and very nice to "meet" you!
    How funny about misplacing everything (well funny to me, but i am sure frustrating to you. LOL)
    What a great grandmum you are to have the kiddies with you so often!
    Wanna watch my kids for me some time???

  4. You've been tagged - check out my blog to find out more !


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