Saturday, January 2, 2010

Balgal Beach

How many places can you have this much beach to yourself at the height of Summer?  I would guess-timate that there is a couple of kilometers of beach there, but there is one other person on the beach - way down in the distance on the RH side.  Too small to see without a microscope.  Let's be honest.  It had been raining on and off for days.  That bit of blue sky was the most we had seen in days.  The sea had been a bit choppy and quite a bit of seaweed and sea grass was washed up on the beach in spots.  And . . .  it is stinger season. 
For those folk who don't know about our stingers.  Let me tell you, they are fairly small as jelly fish go, but they are deadly.  Not metaphorically deadly, but DEADLY.  There is a stinger enclosure (to keep the stingers out, not in) about half way down the beach but it can't be seen in the photo.  So you can still swim, but it is too hot most of the day to stay in the sun for more than a few minutes.  Sunburn is another big problem.  But in the cool of the afternoon there is no better place to be.
Today, the black cockatoos were having a ball feasting on sea almonds (I think that is what they are called) that fall off the trees.  These birds are about twice the size of a crow and when they fly, their tail feathers fan out to reveal that brilliant red patch underneath.  Like all cockatoos, they are very entertaining to watch.  I couldn't get them to cooperate for a photo of those magnificent tails, unfortunately.

The weather was steamy and the clouds hung low around the mountains and hills in a way that makes you feel this is what the tropics are meant to be like.  Believe me there are real crocodiles in there.  I wouldn't go swimming in this part of the creek.  I wouldn't let a dog swim there either.  Crocodiles are known to be partial to a bit of canine cuisine.  In the recent past, dingos have been seen coming down to the creek for a drink.  Maybe the crocs ate them all ;)

I can't resist the rocks out at the point.  They have so many interesting shapes and there are always tiny fish or crabs running swimming for cover as you approach their small world.

The creek was swollen and running swiftly.  Not great for swimming because a lot of weed and silt is being washed through, but there were some brave souls trying it out.  Crocodiles don't usually come this far up the creek.  It is too shallow and rugged for them to get here so far.

All in all, just another beautiful day in paradise.
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  1. I love finding the giants footprints in the rocks and looking for crabs and snails in the pools with the boys... it's fun all over again with my own kids now!

    How long has that pontoon been at the landing? I haven't stopped at Fishermans Landing or walked right around the point for YEARS!

  2. What wonderful pictures! It all looks so pretty - shame about the hidden dangers.
    How do you get your pictures so big on your blog? Is it a particular layout?

  3. Good question about the pontoon! Answer - I don't know. It was there last time we were up there too. I'll ask B & E.
    Renata, when I updated blogger I found that after I upload a picture and then click on it a little window pops up with size choices on it. I just click on the choice I want. The update also gave me the strikeout font choice which I didn't have before.


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