Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lion at the beach

You can tell that it was a seriously hot and steamy day when we went to the beach with Mummy McTavish and the three little McTavishes.

The sad thing for the kids, is that they look forward to the beach so much, but when we get there, the sun is far too fierce to go out until late in the day.  Lion has such lovely milky skin, we would hate to see him get sunburnt.  So the boys play in the beach house and try not to be too impatient and sad.  Every now and then, you can't help but let your feelings show though.

Finally it is time.  Lion wastes no time in getting dressed and heading straight for the water.  For a long time he played happily on his own in the sea while Grandma rolled her shorts up shorter and shorter and still got wetter and wetter trying not to let Lion get too far out of reach.

The problem here, is that he has no fear of the water.  In spite of Mummy McT and Grandma and Grandad all calling him to stop (and the other family sharing the stinger enclosure all staring at the noisy people all yelling like fish wives), Lion kept wading into deeper water and pretending not to hear. 

Unfortunately for Lion, this happened once too often and he was confined to shore for some time.  He made the most of it by getting Dragon and Grandad to fetch buckets of water for him.  If Lion can't go to the ocean, the ocean must come to Lion.

Finally it was time to go home, so while Mummy McT gave Monkey a "top up" feed, Lion was allowed back in the sea for one last swim.  That tiny yellow blur in front of Dragon is Lion.

I hope they slept well last night.  I know I did :)


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