Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solitary Lion

Monday was Dragon's very first day of kindy.  Mummy McTavish was taking Dragon to kindy and then having coffee with friends.  Lion could tag along with Mummy if he wanted OR he could spend some one to one time with Grannysaurus.  He chose Grannysaurus. 

Can you guess what we did?  Some of it is easy to guess.  Lion wanted to check out the streetsweeper ads on the internet.  Doesn't evey 5 year old boy memorise streetsweeper ads?  We did that for a while and discovered some mini walk-behind models that Lion hadn't seen before. That was exciting ;)
Babycino and an anzac biscuit (USA translation - cookie) were his choice for morning tea.  Not for me - I had coke.  Then back to the computer to check out the games on the LEGO website.  It is a great safe place for little fellows of all ages.  You can build things, colour in things, create things, play games (or play more sophisticated games if you are a big boy).
Lastly we did not do any baking in spite of the last clue in the photo collage.  Lion has discovered that Grannysaurus' really old flour sifter can double as a grinder.  So he empties the peppercorns into it and creates ground pepper for me.  I do have a pepper grinder or two, but this is more fun and I don't use it for anything else anymore.
Do you want to know one sad thing about my sifter?  Two years ago, when we were on holidays in Tasmania, I saw an identical sifter for sale in an antique store :(
I have learnt from experience that once Lion starts school, opportunities like this will be much rarer.
So we made the most of it and stayed out of the sun.

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