Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dragon at the beach

See those rosy cheeks?  That was not sunburn or wind burn or from energetic running around.  That was just because it was sooooo stinking hot!  These boys really needed a dip in the nice, cool sea.  Unfortunately nice, cool sea is at least 1000 km away, so they were looking forward to a dip in the hopefully-not-too-warm-sea.  The specks of dirt on Dragon's face are bits of sand from trying to play in a tiny bit of shade that the eaves created near the side of the house.  Perspiration made it impossible to wipe them away because they just stuck like mud.

While waiting for the sun to die down a bit, Dragon and Lion produced some beautiful drawings - very generously given as gifts to Mummy McTavish and Grandma.

When we were finally able to get down to the beach, Dragon was not really very keen on the sea (shallow as it was) or the waves (tiny as they were).  He had a little bit of a paddle, but did not let go of Grandma's hand  for even a few seconds.

When Grandad said that he was going for a walk, that was great news for Dragon.  He liked walking on the beach and it avoided the stress of being expected to actually enjoy the scary water.  Off he went with Grandad.

You could not describe it as a brisk walk, especially since there is a childrens' playground behind the trees about half way along.  Somehow Dragon managed to twist Grandad's arm to spend about 20 minutes at the playground.
Soon after Dragon and Grandad's return, big brother Lion was confined to the shore for being disobedient and causing his Mummy and grandparents unnecessary worry. Lion dug a hole in the sand.   Dragon helped by fetching buckets of water to pour into the hole.  The problem was that Dragon still did not want to go into the water, but he was counting on the waves coming up to the bucket.  The annoying waves always stopped short of the bucket.  Just look at those disappointed, sagging shoulders.

With a bit of help from Grandad and Grandma, a few bucket-fulls were collected and a safe, little artificial beach was created by the boys.  "Little" is probably an understatement as you can see from the bottom photo.
Dragon got in trouble from Lion for putting some sand into his pool, which Lion began to feverishly dig out.  How do you tell the difference between the original sand and the unwanted, added sand? 
That is Lion wisdom that is too lofty for mere mortals and little brothers to understand.

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  1. He looks so grown up in the first photo then you get to the ones where he's nervous about the water and he looks like a tiny little thing again... man he's cute!

  2. I was thinking exactly the same thing. How can he look so grown up and then so little and vulnerable? But always sooo cute.


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