Monday, January 11, 2010

Monkey at the beach

 If you have read the two previous posts, you will know that it was VERY hot and steamy when we went to the beach last Friday.  When it comes to keeping Monkey cool, nothing beats the old fashioned (and very old) Baby Bouncinette.  The netting allows every bit of air circulation to get through and keep Monkey as cool as possible, especially considering it has developed some extra large holes in the netting :)
I think that these are an Australian invention.  Does anyone know if other countries have them?

When it cooled down enough to go down to the water, Monkey didn't exactly fall in love with his first experience of the ocean. Look at those seriously curled up toes.

Fortunately Grandad didn't force the issue and a cuddle soon made everything alright.

It was just as well that Dragon, who could really relate to the whole "ocean is a scary place" issue was on hand to cheer up his little brother.

After a suitable interval, Grandma thought it might be worth another test dip.  It didn't seem quite so scary this time, but he was still a bit wary. 
Meanwhile Lion, as you can see in the background, thought he would take the opportunity to walk to South America.  The Pacific Ocean was no barrier.  The screaming Mummy and Grandparents proved to be a more formidable barrier and he was grounded to the foreshore for a while.
My wet shorts are from trying to keep up with Lion's previous little ventures into deep water.  This time I wasn't prepared to risk trying to rescue him while holding little Monkey without falling in.

Instead of tears, Monkey's last dip in the sea only produced an air of studious contemplation.

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