Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love the rain

I love to see kids, big and small, safely enjoying the puddles in the park.

I don't love to hear of children being drowned or injured because they played near storm water drains or fast flowing streams.

I love to see bright coloured rain coats.
I love the surprises the rain brings like this little dog in his bright yellow raincoat.

I love the view from my windows, of everything looking wet and clean.

I don't love getting out in the pouring rain and getting covered in mud, to dig that trench you can see in the bottom, RH side, so that water could flow out of our entertainment area (and stop coming in the back door).

I love the way a good downpour washes away the built up crud on the roads that makes them slippery when they get only a little bit wet.
I don't love to see brainless, idiots in 4WD's cruising around too fast for the conditions, creating large bow waves that force water to flow into peoples' houses.

And I can live with this . . .

It was on its last legs before Tropical Cyclone Olga began leisurely pirouetting around and across Queensland and the Northern Territory.  I won't blame Olga.  I'm sure glad that we noticed it wobbling and Mr Sunshine took the car out from under it an hour or two before it collapsed.
A little while ago one of our lovely neighbours phoned and asked me to park my car up on his raised driveway.  Now I won't even have to wade through our swampy front yard to get in and out of my car.
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