Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Little Bear

Cheetah is having a holiday with grandparents on his dad's side of the family. So this week and next, Little Bear is an only child. This afternoon she came for a visit and so she had Grandma, Grandad and Mummy all to herself.
She made the most of it.
First, she rushed straight past Grandma, so she could get inside and see who else might be there, what there was to play with and what mischief she could get up to.

Once inside, she realised that there were no little cousins here today.  She had no one to play with, but she did have the whole house at her disposal.
And not just the house.  Grandad was home.  So she chased him with a butterfly net (or butt fly net if Dragon is talking) until she caught him.

That was so much fun that she decided to catch herself too.

Next she did one of her favourite things and put herself in the stroller and buckled herself in.  She just likes to  sit in it, not necessarily go anywhere.  That lasts for about 30 seconds and then she wants someone to unbuckle her because she can't do it herself.  One day we might leave her in there for . . . 
say . . .  five minutes, but I don't think I could stand the racket for even that short time.
I told her that I would only unbuckle her if she gave a really nice smile for the camera.Posted by Picasa
Worked well, didn't it?  I'll have to remember that little manipulation.
Then it was Grandad's turn to do some catching.  Believe it or not, she was saying "Cheese" while hanging upside down.  I guess she must have wanted this one snapped.

Last, she managed to squeeze in a bit of Jacaranda tree climbing before going home.  This is big brother, Cheetah's, favourite thing to do when he comes over.  Well . . . sitting in the Jacaranda tree and playing computer games, but not at the same time.  We do have a several computers, but so far we have not installed one in the Jacaranda tree.  I'm sure Cheetah would think that was a great idea though.

Little Bear didn't really want her photo taken in the tree and kept trying to turn away.  I kept saying, "Don't forget to hold on tight!"  In the end, she did hold on and I got a photo of her looking at the camera.

It was getting late when we buckled her into her car seat and waved good bye, and I'm guessing that she was unhappy about something because we could still hear her yelling at Mummy when the car was half way down the street.

That's our Little Grizzly Bear.


  1. That looks like she had lots of fun! Having Grandad all to herself is very special!

  2. She is so cute! I imagine she loved having you all to herself ( my kids always enjoyed their own special time at grandparents houses). She is very brave up there in that tree!

  3. Not just brave, Renata, she is more of a dare devil than any of the boys. It is a bit of a worry at times;)

  4. She was yelling GWAAAMAAA until we got to Vincent Village.

    This afternoon she wanted to go back again!

  5. That just breaks my heart. I feel like I disappointed her ;)


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