Friday, January 1, 2010

School shopping

No, this is not a picture of Mummy McT doing Lion's school shopping.

This was after the event. I didn't go school shopping (ie. shopping for the stationery which Lion needs for school). I stayed home with Little Bear and Dragon so that the mummies (Mummy McTavish and Chimera) and school boys (Lion and Cheetah) and baby Monkey could get the shopping done a little more efficiently. Appart from MMcT leaving the list at my place, I think it all went well. Back at home I had a chance to take a few more photos.
I know that the top photo is toooo off-centre and crooked, but it is so hard to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time that I considered centred and straight to be luxuries I didn't have time to worry about.

This is my favourite photo of the day.  It is difficult to catch Little Bear looking straight into the lense and to have such a happy animated expression is the icing on the cake.  Why does she have her thumbs on her teeth - who knows?  Holding her dentures in maybe???  It just adds to the cuteness.
Admission:  Mummy McT actually snapped the bottom photo. Fortunately she inherited my interest in photography and not my talent :)


  1. Who knows why Little Bear does most of what she does ???

    She pulls that expression a lot, thumbs in & all! I think she's just such an animated little bear that even when she smiles she has to use her whole body.

  2. She was trying to make Monkey smile.

    I love that neither photo has anything to do with your title and you "got a chance to take a few more photos" and put up one that I took.

    But that possibly amuses me because I am so tired. I asked Wolf if I always look that tired (first photo) and he said "you look okay" which I take to mean "yes that's what you usually look like". I hate reality.

  3. Okay Smartie, I did realise that, but I figured that school shopping was still the cause of the pictures happening. A little bit of enigma never hurt anyone. I was honest about giving credit for the photo you took at least:)

  4. OMGOSH! I am LOVING these photos! Just beautiful and so happy!
    You have such a beautiful family!


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